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Grants for Charitable Purposes to Organisations or Corporate Projects

Guidelines for applicants

The Trustees' focus is presently on grants to individuals, and unsolicited applications from organisations are unlikely to be entertained. When applications from organisations are considered, the Trust is not able to make very large grants grants from the Trust at present are mainly in the range 1,000-3,000 and rarely go above 5,000. Trustees are most likely to respond positively to applications which set out a specific project or activity where a sum of that order would make a substantial difference. They do not normally contribute to general appeals for funds, nor to the general running costs of an organisation, to building appeals, or where the Trustees judge that a project is primarily of a commercial nature.

How to apply

We do not use an application form: we prefer to let each applicant present their case in the way they judge best. However, we do require your presentation to include an account of the specific purpose or project for which you require a grant, and a budget for the project, showing both estimated costs and likely sources of income (so that we can see where a grant from the Trust would fit into the general picture). If you have a recent set of annual accounts available, you should include that too.

These are the minimum requirements for an application, and for some kinds of project they may be all that is needed; but it is obviously useful to the Trust in assessing an application to have any more general information which you think relevant, for example about the history and general aims and structure of your organisation.

Applications are assessed when they are received. However, applications from organisations are not current priorities for the Trustees and you may therefore receive an immediate note declining your application while the Trustees' priorities are focused on individual applicants. Trustees meet normally in late March and early September; papers for each meeting are drawn up about a month beforehand; so if the timing is critical to you, you should aim to get an application in as soon as possible and in any event not later than 7th February (for the March meeting) or 7th August (for the September meeting).

As the Trust has a particular focus on supporting individuals, grants to organisations or corporate projects are very rare indeed. Please expect stiff competition for grants. If the Trust is unable to support your application for any reason, you will be notified as early as possible.


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